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From the desk of Pablo Izaga

1 de marzo de 2024
Dear applicant,

Applying to grad school can be tough, right?

I know, sometimes it feels like a daunting task.

Not only you have to prepare all the necessary materials…

But also you need a clear idea of your long-term vision and goals.

And that can be scary.

You might be struggling with one or few of the steps of the journey…


  • You might be confused and trying to figure out what it is that you really want for your life and future. You might be wondering if this is the right choice. 🧐


  • Or perhaps you know what you want, but you are not sure which path or which specific program would be best for you. 👈👉


  • You may need help with your writing or your essays, or preparing your portfolio or other visual materials for your application. ✍️📝


  • Your struggle might be financial. You would love to study a Master, but don’t want to end up with a zillion dollars in debt. 🤑


  • Or perhaps you just need some support and accountability throughout the process. 💪🙏

But I am not here to remind you all the hurdles of the way.

I am here to give you a bunch of valuable resources and tools that’ll help you with each and every one of these issues.


Get ready because I’m offering lots of good stuff:


👉 The essays and personal statements that got me into the top grad schools across the US, including Harvard and MIT

[+ 3 structure TEMPLATES so that you can plug in your own story into the template and have your statement ready to go]

👉 My portfolio of work as an architect (used in my applications)

[+ the Adobe InDesign TEMPLATE so that you can build your portfolio effortlessly]

(Useful if you are planning to pursue a career as an architect, designer, artist, ETC.).

👉 The essays that I’ve used to receive around…

186,000 USD

in grants and fellowships to study and do research

[+ (yeah, you guessed it) a TEMPLATE and the best STRATEGIES for getting funding]


👉 Material to help you have a clear vision of your future and create a plan to realize it

[WORKSHEETS I designed from my collaboration with the Stanford Life Design Lab]

👉 Content and tools from the Harvard College course “The Science of Happiness” (to which I contributed)

[short VIDEOS on the relationship between work (career path, income, etc) and wellbeing so that you make choices that lead to a fulfilling life]

👉 Preparation materials for interviews

[CHEAT SHEET and a LIST of questions you should prepare beforehand, a METHOD to perform better during interviews]

Apart from all this, I am offering…


👉 Access to the exclusive Appmazing Community

A Facebook group where you’ll be able to ASK questions…

and INTERACT with other people in the grad school application journey.

A resource that’ll help you STAY ENGAGED during the process.


All right.

Let’s talk about value.

This whole thing is invaluable, really…

Because it contains everything I’ve learned and worked on for the last few years.

Let’s just think of “The Science of Happiness” course.

If you were to take it at the Harvard college, it would cost you like 7,500 dollars.

But today, I’m offering all this for…


Yeah, that’s right!

“But, wait, why are you giving all this away for free?”

No, I don’t think I’ve lost my mind…

(And, as far I know, Christmas has not come early this year…)

I do this because it was tough journey for me.

It took me almost 3 years from the moment I started working on my applications to the moment i began my program.

I needed to secure funding first.

Perhaps you haven’t had as many opportunities as other people early on,

Or maybe you have, I don’t know,

but, in any case,

I hope that my experience makes it easier for you and get you closer to your success…


And, if at some point of the process you need additional personalized assistance with anything,

I’ll be happy to offer you a more personalized service.

And if not, that’s perfectly fine. 👌

You can still enjoy all the stuff that I am giving away. 😎

It’s too good… and it’s true

If all this sounds good to you…

Simply click the button below and let me know that you are interested. 👇

You’ll get immediate access to the first package of essays and templates. 👇


My name is Pablo Izaga, and I grew up in a tiny town in southern Spain…

My parents were high school teachers, and I didn’t have any financial help.

I had no mentors and no connections in the US.

And this is why I believe that anything I’ve achieved, you can achieve too.

I am not selling you the dream.

I know it’s not easy.

It’s not easy to plan, pursue your goals relentlessly, and achieve them.

There’s no magic wand, I know that…

But it is possible.

And it is easier if you have the right resources and mentorship.

So, if you’re interested in getting those resources, click the button below 👇

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Pablo Izaga


I am giving away lots of resources and tools…

to help you figure out what you want for your life and future,

and create killer applications that get you into your dream grad schools and programs.

Click the button and let me know if you are interested. ☝️